Cluster Art Fair 2019


A programme about experimental documentation and citizen archiving using free writing and life drawing.  The installation F(ee)l Me is part of a longer project with As You Sense about the collective act of constructing memory.


"How do you translate the intimacy of your experience of into a record? Take a moment to breathe, observe, and interact with the exhibition space"

British Academy Summer Showcase 2019

Installation that uses suggestive quality of sound to materialise the domestic space in Maputo. Sountrack synthesises field recordings into a rhythm to explore the process by which noise is domesticated and transformed into sound.

the installation is matched by a digital exhibition on a dedicated website

E Dai?


An event showcasing documentary film and video art from Mozambican artists to raise money for Save the Children's relief efforts in Mozambique after Cyclone Idai. Screenings in London, Oxford, Sheffield, and York, supported by local universities.


Mr W et al

An event about the vocabulary around disability and perception, including a work-in-progress group show, film screening and an illustration workshop, curated as part of As You Sense.


Also exhibited an audiovisual installation and an experimental archival installation F(eel) Me, using a typewriter to capture transient thoughts and feelings from the public and create an archive of the show.

XXXPosed Art Show


A group show for emerging artists which explores what it means to be visible. My piece, L is for Letting Go, was a text-based participatory installation about complicit engagement with performative art works. The installation asked visitors to read and shred a written work, inviting a contemplation about what it means to be actively present, and to engage with art with complicity. The experience was an occasion in which to become comfortable with temporality and impermanence.


Historical Association

Produced a collections-based teaching scheme for the Historical Association, following the National Curriculum guidelines for Upper Key Stage 2 History and Art. The module is a local history study about Georgian London, using historical maps, songs and satirical prints. The module also includes material to support visits to local museums and historical sites.  


As You Sense

As You Sense was founded in collaboration with Patricia Puertas, a graphic designer and sound artist. It is a curatorial and creative practice that explores perception, deconstructs and reconstructs the idea of the affective archive through audio-visual montage and creative writing. Our first collaborative project was Mr W et al, a "think tank" about the vocabulary around disability which grew into a group art show and continues to develop.


We invite collaboration, please nudge