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From the archive to the school

Updated: Feb 2

At the end of the Saving Samuel Godley project I was invited to participate in the Historical Association's Teaching Fellowship. The product is a scheme of work that transforms the project into a Primary History module for Key Stage 2. In seven lessons, students use archival documents and historical prints to investigate how London changed as a consequence of the Napoleonic Wars, paying particular attention to how these changes affected different social classes. Samuel Godley, a soldier in the 2nd Regiment of Life Guards of the Household Cavalry and an unsung hero of the Battle of Waterloo, is the focal point of this scheme of work which is resource-rich and structured around skills-development. The scheme of work aims to engage students with heritage whilst also looking at why we remember certain aspects of our local history. Samuel Godley’s story provides a lens through which to study different aspects of the urban and social development in Regency and Georgian London.

The scheme is available on the Historical Association's website

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