Making a catalogue
Catalogues - printed or digital - emerge from a process of assemblage but are equally bound to a process of commodification. This ongoing research follows two key strands:
(1) conceptualising the printed exhibition catalogue as an archival object in circulation
(2) considering how to embed complex and shifting etymologies in metadata.
Cultural heritage in crisis
Primary research project at SOAS, looking at the future of museums and collecting within an increasingly reactive socio-political environment. This work is focused on contemporary collecting, and looks specifically at discourse around emergency planning, activism, accountability and advocacy in museology.
Visual culture of the solidarity movement
A multi-dimensional archival research project that looks at discursive power of popular print culture - political posters and exhibition catalogues, specifically - in late 20th century Mozambique. 
Recent work includes art historical studies of a diasporic Socialist aesthetic, and local art-worlds in Maputo, Mozambique.  
Local heritage and community histories
Self-reflexive pedagogical research about the affective experience of navigating a catalogue and encounters archival materials. This work responds to the notion that the collection is not just for research or browsing, but is also a space in which to forge connections and articulate selfhood. I lead content discovery and radical archiving workshops for youth and artist groups.